Frequently Asked Questions

What to Prepare ?

The following is a list of what is suggested to be done before the re-wedding photo shooting day:

For Groom-to-be:

Please have a haircut a few days prior to the photo shooting day if it is a bit too long.

Please have a shave on the photo shooting day.

Please prepare and bring shirt(s), black socks and dark colour shoes for photo shooting session. Please bring one or two suites of your own if possible.


For Bride-to-be:

Please bring your own NUBRA and high heels (depending on the height difference between you and the Groom-to-be).

Please remove your armpit hair prior to your photo shooting day.

Please don’t drink too much water the night before to avoid developing swollen eyes.

Please wash your hair without applying conditioner the day before your photo shooting day.

Before your photo shooting day, you can apply moisture mask (as you usually do). Don’t eat spicy foods.

Please keep a good mood.

Please prepare a pair of slippers for each of you for easy walk by the beach.